Jacob Velazquez, 6 years old, recording his first Album

This project ended on 20 Jan 2014
Our six year old son Jacob is a gifted pianist. You may have recently seen him perform on Good morning America, The View, CNN, Telemundo and a few others, but what most people don’t know about Jacob is that he has autism.

When Jacob was diagnosed with autism back in 2011, we were totally devastated. All we kept thinking was what kind of a future is he going to have with autism? So, as we continued grieving over the diagnosis, Jacob’s love for piano continued to grow, and we remember one day just sitting watching him play and it just dawn on me that nothing had changed.

He was still the same person that we knew before the diagnosis and we also thought that just having autism doesn’t make a person unintelligent or incapable of accomplishing great things, so my husband and I committed ourselves to doing everything that we could to giving Jacob every opportunity that he deserves and now we no longer worry about his future and what autism means to his future, instead we actually look forward to it and we just try to open every door we possibly can for him. We just want to inspire and encourage other parents to do the same.

And with that being said we are looking forward to Jacob recording his first album! So we are asking for your help, so that Jacob can have a meaningful impact on how people view autism, and on his own life. We are also going to donate 10% of every album sold to Generation Rescue which is an amazing organization that provides grants to families touched by autism that can’t afford bio medical treatment. So you guys can be huge part of this, and we sincerely thank you for your help.

Oh, and the folks at Muzico decided to donate 50% of their proceeds to Generation Rescue to help the Autism cause.

Here's the breakdown of the expenses to record the Album:

- Musicians: $15,000

- Production: $10,000

- Studio: $5,000

- Mix and Mastering: $5,000

- CD Development and print: $5,000

5 Year Old Pianist Jacob Velasquez

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Jacob's interview on HLN, CNN's parent company.

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I would like to thank the supporters of my project on Muzico. Please spread the word and ask your friends to pledge for me

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Jacob will be on HLN - Headlines News Network - CNN's parent company

Hey friends, Jacob will be on the "Genius Kids" on December 19 between 1PM-2PM, 4PM-5PM EST, 21 between 11AM-12PM EST and 22nd between 11AM-12PM EST. We have stretched the ending date for his project until January 20th, 2014.

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Check out the full version of Jacob's first song for his debut album:

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New Production of Jacob Velazquez

Jacob spent the last two weeks preparing parts of his new album which still needs your help to be completed

Jacob and his producer have created this new teaser for you to enjoy. Listen to the innovative combination of sounds mixing classical and electronic dance music(EDM)

Jacob Velasquez, a six-year-old pianist from Florida, has only been practicing his craft for two years. But that's proved just long enough for the miniature musician to make waves in the child prodigy world, earning the overused but nevertheless adorable nickname "Baby Beethoven."

The tiny player caught the attention of media outlets like Good Morning America and The Daily Mail this month with his knack for learning an entire piano sonata in just a few hours. Despite the fact that Velasquez can't reach the pedals of the piano, he gave a rousing performance for the GMA crowds last weekend, wearing both a tuxedo and a permanent smile.

Little Velasquez was also recently admitted to the National Musician’s Guild after learning 10 classical music pieces... by heart. In the GMA video shown above, the tyke's mother describes how her son, previously diagnosed with high-functioning autism, revealed his ability to recognize songs by sound when he took over their household piano and performed a song played by his father one night before.

This was the first time the family realized they were living with a mini Mozart. Jacob soon learned Beethoven's Sonata in just three weeks, and began absorbing songs in just one lesson with piano teacher Jaffird Sierra. Bio Credit to "The Huffington Post"

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